Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Mets Prospectus

I honestly can't wait for the season to end at this point. Blogging about meaningless September baseball is not easy and there is only so much I can talk about Dickey's triple crown numbers. Once the season ends the real fun begins, statistically at least. Once we have a full regular season of data we can really get into analysis, comparisons and the nitty gritty of what 2012 meant. Until then all we can do is cheer against the Sillies.

Some random thoughts:

Why not leave Dickey in last night? At this point in the season the teams wins and losses are essentially meaningless. The only thing we have to work towards now is securing Dickey's Cy Young. Why not leave him in and try to get the win for him? I understand he needs rest but we also know he is not a typical pitcher and the extra two innings would have made no discernible effect on his next start. Also a slightly tired Dickey is better than any of our relievers. It would basically be the opposite of Reyes leaving last year. We did something that hurt our chances of winning a game to help an individual. Why not let Dickey keep going to try for the W, especially when it probably improves our chances of winning.

Who wants to resign David Wright? This will be a longer topic for discussion during the off-season but can anyone explain to me a rational argument for bringing Wright back? He is going to be 32 next year, entering the age where players typically decline. His power and speed seem to be waning, he still strikes out a lot and he has always been very streaky. The odds are that David Wright's best days are behind him, so why resign him to what will inevitably be a 4+ year minimum contract when we could move him anywhere for just about anyone after this season ends?

Should we be worried about Clayton Kershaw? Frankly I think Dickey has the Cy Young locked up but a few guys are nipping at his heels. Mostly we talk about Gio but besides the difference in wins, the player most likely to contend and the player most similar to Dickey is Clayton Kershaw. Dickey and Kershaw are essentially identical in WHIP, ERA, IP and Kershaw has a slight lead in K's while Dickey has a big leads in wins. Kershaw is also playing meaningful baseball, which the judges tend to consider. While we keep our eyes on Gio, we should watching for Clayton as well.

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  1. Gio in my mind is not even in the Cy Young picture. It is really down to Cueto, Kershaw, and Dickey. In fact, if i had to choose now, Kershaw would be my winner, but you could make a case for all 3 right now. Each and every start from now on made by all 3 will be critical in who wins the CY. Kershaw is surging at the right time while Dickey is middling at the wrong time.