Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mets v. David Price

David Price won the AL Cy Young award last night, while he may have been the second best pitcher in baseball (after Dickey) the Mets absolutely owned him in his appearance against us this year. Below was his line against the Mets on June 13.


This was probably my favorite Mets game of the year. This was the first of Dickey's back to back one hitters and probably the gem of his dominant June campaign. The first four innings went scoreless and it looked like we were in a for a pitchers duel but the Mets broke it open to score nine runs that night. Price had a regular season ERA of 2.56 and was generally dominant, this was one of his worst starts. He still notched a few K's and walked few but this was June when the Mets were just on fire, every batted ball dropped for a hit and two out rallies were the norm, sadly it would not last. But we can hang two feathers in our Cy Young caps this year, our beloved Dickey won and the Mets rocked Price.

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