Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Mets v. Bryce Harper

Each year Metsrospectus takes a look at how each major award winners fared against the Mets. First up lets take a look at NL Rookie of the Year, Bryce Harper:


These are clown numbers bro. Harper was pretty good against the Mets this year putting up numbers that far outpace his overall average. He slugged 64 points higher than average and batted 25 points higher overall. The Nationals beat the Mets more than any other team in baseball (we went 4-14 against them) and Harper clearly had a lot to do with that.  I actually feel kind of bad for Harper this year because he became the victim of the sports media being forced to make at least one ROY race interesting. Mike Trout was a foregone conclusion for AL rookie of the year and Harper should have been also. However with one race already decided the sportswriters had to write about something so we were forced to read about how Todd Frazier and Wade Miley were totally viable options. NL rook was just as tied up as as AL from the begining. Todd Frazier and Wade Miley were pretty much the best rookies on the their teams and that's about it


  1. If you look at the final stats, it's clear that Harper should have been the winner. However, if the vote had been conducted at the end August, the winner would have probably been Miley. However, during Septebmer, Miley struggled mightily(5.40 ERA in 6 starts) while Harper shined(.330 avg, 7 HR's, and 5 SB's).

  2. Agreed, September put a lot of possible award winners out of contention ie: Cueto and King Felix.