Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gettin to know Colin Cowgill

What an awesome pose he is doing here. What do you think he
is saying? 

Since Moneyball A's all have some mystical quality. No matter how bad a player is, if he was an Athletic at some point you just kind of assume that he has some secret value that you can't see on the surface. That is really the only thing Cowgill has going for him, he doesn't appear to have any baseball skill so one can only assume he was traded for to gain some nebulous, peripheral ability... have you seen has statistics playing left field against right handed Dominican batters in August!

Before coming to the Mets he played baseball for in the blue grass state for UK and then was drafted by the D-backs before heading to Oakland in the Cahill trade. His career slash with 212 MLB appearances is .255/.319/.311. The best one can say about him is that he almost has a good OBP, also how often do you see guys with a SLG lower than the OBP? Not an easy feat to accomplish. In addition young Mr. Cowgill strikes out a lot to the tune of 25.5% strike out rate. Welcome to the Mets Colin, you will fit right in.

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  1. Having a lower Slugging PCT than OBP is never a good sign...