Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Collins Managerial Stats

Last week my Bill James 2012 Handbook and Ron Shandler Baseball Forecaster arrived in the mail and since then I have pretty much been in sabr overload . Over the next few weeks I will post about any interesting Mets related finds I make while reading. Today I want to look at some managerial tactics stats from Bill James and how Terry Collins does when examined amongst NL averages.

In 2011 Collins used 312 pinch hitters and 18 pinch runners in comparison to other NL managers who used 245 and 27 respectively. One of my favorite new stats from the book is BOMB, this is a stat applied to managers when multiple runs are scored after an intentional walk is issued. In 2011 Collins issued 48 intentional BB of which 35 had a good outcome, 13 a bad outcome and 9 were Bombs.Collins came in below the NL average where the number of intentional BB was 57 with 39 good and 19 not good, he had the exact league average of bombs with 9.

The other thing I found interesting was in Collins use of pitchers he gave pitchers a quick hook 32 times and slow hook on 44 occasions (If a manager pulls the starter after fewer pitches and fewer runs than other managers, that's a quick hook. If he leaves him in after more pitches and more runs, that's a slow hook). He allowed a long outing by a starting pitcher only 23 times (long outing defined as more than 110 pitches). he also used 514 relievers , the NL average being 497.

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