Thursday, January 26, 2012

In which I respond to Carlos Beltran

In an interview yesterday Carlos Beltran told Mets fan that he has gotten over the 2006 NLCS and that we should also forget it and move on. To this I reply...never! Never, Carlos, never ever, ever, ever in the history of ever will I ever move on and forget you striking out in the 2006 NLCS. Don't be a dick and suggest I do. It's not like Mets fans are fuming over it every minute of the day but it is a pretty big moment in Mets history and did precipitate what would go on to be a very bad time for the team that we are currently entering the worst portion of. Forgive me Carlos for not forgetting that we paid you a very large sum of money and that when you were needed most, you did nothing, literally. Look people strike out, I get it, it happens. But you should also be aware that you struck in a phenomenally bad style and in an incredibly important game and appreciate that people are going to be aware of that forever. So no Carlos, I shall not forget, or forgive...ever.

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