Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gettin' to know Ronny Cedeno

Hey that rhymed! Yes I know I am about ten days late on the Ronny Cedeno analysis but I will make up for it with extra bad news... Ronny Cedeno is not a good hitter or fielder and I don't believe he can secretly pitch, so my quick analysis is, we should get our 1.1 million dollars back.

Ronny is entering his age 29 season and has a career slash line of .249/.297.339. Last year he hit .256 and struck out 93 times, drew only 30 walks and stole 2 bags. The best he ever did was hit .300 for the Cubs in 2005 and at worst hit a Mendoza line shattering .167 in 59 games for the Mariners in 2009. For all that sub par offense he must be a good fielder. Right?

Sadly the answer here is also no. He has a career UZR of zero (and coincidentally a career WAR of zero, he basically doesn't exist), which means he doesn't save any more runs than the average replacement. Basically his job could be done for half the salary by anybody off the bench at the AAA level. He played most of his career at either 2B or SS, at 2b he posted a respectable 4.5 UZR but a negative 5.1 at SS, where the Mets might need him most.

Overall this has been another in a series of pointless and overly expensive 2012 off season Mets signings. I know a million dollars does not seem like much in modern baseball parlance but it's a lot to pay a guy for not doing his job well. Especially considering we could get another player to give the same production for half the money, it's basic economics. Welcome to the 2012 Mets Ronny, it's gonna be a year.

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