Monday, June 25, 2012

Gettin' to know Justin Hampson

I remember the feeling I got with the mid 2000's Mets when Schoenweis or Heilman would come in and you essentially know you were going to lose the game, it was basically a gurantee. That's how I feel now when Miguel Batista comes into games. Robbie Cano's home run was just about the least suprising thing I have ever seen. The Mets need bullpen help ASAP, for now we get Justin Hampson

Hampson is 32 years old and came up as a Rockie, as of 2 years ago was pitching for the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. His numbers show some merit and some cause for concern.

2012 AAA

Overall both his career and current ERA have been pretty low but admittedly these are all based on pretty small sample sizes, he only has a total of 96 major league innings. His k/bb ratio is pretty low as he has never been a strike out guy, which is scary as a closer. At the end of the day, this move seems fairly meaningless. Justin Hampson is yet another journeyman reliever added to a stable of journeyman relievers. He might do OK for a little while, he might now but he is definitely not a long term solution to the Mets serious bullpen woes.


  1. No idea who this guy is. Been following the mets actively and not a peep of this guy at all. Since the bullpen is so bad and i've never heard of this guy, i'm willing to give him a chance, but if he doesn't work out i would like to see the mets get rid of him quickly, possibly replace him with beato.

    1. Do you have much more faith in Beato?

    2. I actually didn't know he was a lefty(like i said, absolutely no mention of this guy during the offseason or in-season), so his role is probably limited to lefty matchups or like tonite, mop-up work.

      It's not like i have more faith in beato, it's just that if aren't able to catch lighting in the bottle with this guy, there's no point in trying to stick with the guy.

      On a different note, i don't really want to see Meija in the bullpen without giving him another shot in the rotation.