Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Mets Prospectus

Remember the terrible team we all predicted we would have coming into this season? Well I think we just saw them play two games in Chicago. This has just been absolutely terrible the last few days, the Cubs were supposed to be our break from a tough June and now we are on the verge of getting swept, let's hope Niese can give us a stop today.

So the Mets need a closer? For a minute I was going to advocate for the Cubs own Carlos Marmol, despite the bad year he has been having. I will forever be biased based on his famed 2008 strat-o-matic card, IT WAS ALL STRIKEOUTS! Seriously 08 Marmol was one of the best strat players of all-time, I adored him. His stats do a make a case for a good closer: he has 76 career net saves (100 SV/24 BS) over 5 years as a closer. He has a career ERA/xFIP of  3.47/5.27 and and an amazing k/9 over 10, he also has an absolutely abysmal bb/9 over 6. In 2012 he has something I have never seen before, a k/9 and bb/9 that are both over 10! That's an accomplishment. At the ends of the day, the odds are not good that 2007 strat Marmol will somehow emerge and replace humorously bad 2012 Marmol.

Readers of the blog will know that I like to track who the best player in baseball is on a daily basis (according to fWAR) and I am proud to say D Wright has maintained his second place spot for a weeks now, consistently behind Joey Votto. The much hated Josh Hamilton has fallen hard, dropping out of the top 5 while Ryan Braun and Mike Trout have surged ahead, making strong moves for the top spot.

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