Monday, August 27, 2012

A tale of two teams

The Mets are a week into what was to be the easy section of our schedule. Over that week we went 2-5 dropping a full series to the Rockies and a game to the Astros who in a more fair world would be relegated to AAA so a really good college team or the Columbus Clippers can get a shot. The most amazing thing about this losing streak? The Mets pitched really well during it. In 5 of their last seven games they gave up three or less runs. Over the last 7 days they have a team ERA of 2.43, good for 4th best in the league. Surely good enough to beat the two worst teams in baseball?

Unfortunately it was not when your offense is completely incapable of simple tasks such as actually scoring runs. They managed to score only 10 runs in the last seven games against two teams with absolutely no pitching. The team BA was a barely Mendoza high .201 for that stretch. We lost to Jordan Lyles who spent most of this year in AAA and had an ERA over 5 with10 losses. For reasons beyond my knowledge the Mets seemingly forgot how to hit.

Most likely this is just an aberration and they will play closer to their typical offensive capabilities. Picking out stats over a week is almost meaningless but it is interesting to see the numbers behind a team that is losing while playing one half the game very well and the other half phenomenally poorly. We start a series with the hates Sillies tomorrow, let's hope we can remember how to hit by then.


  1. The offense has truly been utterly pathetic. I can't remember a stretch where the offense was this bad. If i am remember correctly, of their last 6 runs scored, 4 have come via solo shots(2 from Davis, 1 from Wright, 1 from Turner). 1 was a RA Dickey squibbler and 1 was from a Bay hit of all people.

  2. Yeah it has been truly apalling. The good news is a cold streak like this can't last, we should heat up soon.