Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rememberance of June's past.

I miss June. Remember when were having real conversations about how David Wright might hit .400 all season, when Dickey threw nothing but complete game, shut out one hitters, it was nothing but Johan no-no's, Valdy beating the Sillies, two out runs and good feelings all around. Man was I proud to be a Mets fan but they say that pride cometh before the fall and damn if we didn't fall, hard.

Today, after a failure to beat the Rockies, the Mets and Phillies have the same record. I never thought this day would come. The one thing I took solace in as the Mets went down the drain is that we had a solid hold on third place and that we would finish ahead of the hated Phillies. It's still possible but it just got a whole lot harder.

Looking at the ongoing fWAR race David Wright is no longer the second best player in baseball, that honor now belongs Andrew McCutchen. Wright's 6.1 fWAR is now no longer even close to the leader Mike Trout who is sporting a 7.4 Seriously that is just ridiculous.

Dickey is still in the hunt for a pitching triple crown. he continues to lead the league in k's with 181. he is tied for second in wins with 15 and his ERA is the 4th lowest in the NL. The other thing that brings me joy is to see R.A. career ERA creep closer to the 3's. R.A. had a tough career pre Mets and his high ERA showed it, his three stellar seasons with the Mets have now gotten it down to 4.07, we are gonna be sub 4 any start now.

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