Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Mets Prospectus: In which I have little to say about the Mets

Allow me to begin by saying, fuck you Felix Hernandez. King Felix may have very well just cost me the season in my super baseball league (which you can read about here), Felix's perfecto gave my opponent a point in the complete game, shut outs, no hitter and perfect game categories. It also broke a crucial no hitter tie (he has Cain, I have the Weave) that I pretty much can never make up for (unless Dickey no hits the Astros later this month, a distinct possibility).

Second allow me to the 800th person to say that Melky's BABIP probably had more to do with his performance spike than PED's. Melky was hitting .346 this year with a BABIP of an outrageous .379. the 5th highest in the Majors. It's almost impossible to have a BABIP that high and not be hitting well over .300. Just below Melky is CarGo with a BABIP of .372 and a BA of .323. Right above Melky is Mike Trout with a BABIP of .387 and a BA of .340. Last year two players finished the season with BABIP of .380, they were Matt Kemp and Adrian Gonzalez, both of whom hit well over .300.

Using the simplest measure of power, the home run, Melky had his third highest career year hitting a whopping 11. He hit 18 last year and 13 in 2009. More so people talk as if Melky had some outrageous break out year this year. He played just as well last year if not better with a 2011 slash of .305/.339/.470. Look at the end of the day no one can make a rational argument based on real baseball knowledge or science that explains how PED's made Melky have a higher batting average, especially when there is a very clear statistical explanation why. Melky had a great year and he used PED's, the two are not related.

On the daily fWAR list D Wright remains in third with 5.9 but the leaders are really pulling away, Cutch is at 6.2 and the greatest baseball player literally of all time Mike Trout is at 7.

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