Monday, August 6, 2012

Gettin' to know Scott Patterson

The Mets have signed right handed pitcher Scott Patterson to a minor leauge contract. I know what your thinking, why would the Mets sign veteran character actor Scott Patterson to pitch? Did they think perhaps he could rekindle his early 80's pitching career with the Braves system and make a comeback as a 53 year old? Well rest assured the Mets did not sign this Scott Patterson:

But rather this Scott Patterson:

Scott Patterson has a career 1.93 ERA with 13.50 K/9 and 11.57 bb/9, unbelievable right!? Not so much when I tell you that he has only 4.2 career innings pitched in the minors. Patterson was signed by the Yankees in 2007 after having spent four years playing in the Frontier League an independent baseball league that features teams like the Evansville Otters and Normal CornBelters.

His numbers in the Minors were actually quite good. He has posted a sub 3 ERA multiple times in his career and has a k/9 that stays between and 8 and 10 year to year. He has pitched 28 innings with the Mariners AAA team this year posting a 2.89/4.34 ERA/FIP with 25 k's and 10 walks. He is in his age 33 season so the odds of him having a long career are low but his numbers indicate a player who could be a useful bullpen arm for the Mets this season.


  1. Someone should write a book about traveling a season with a team in the Frontier League, or some independent league team.

  2. I agree I would totally read that book.