Friday, August 3, 2012

The Mets bullpen improves (incrementally)

Well the Mets bullpen is getting better at about the same speed as continental drift. Allow me to provide you with some positive news:

The Mets pen is no longer the worst in baseball. We now rank 29th in ERA (4.95), suck it Astros! We also rank 28th in xFIP (4.37) and 25th in fWAR (.8) and 29th in WEPA (-5.84).

Josh Edgin is looking good so far, he has only pitched 10 innings but he has a 2.70 ERA/1.87 xFIP with 18 strike outs, this kid has some real potential.

As many people have pointed out Jon Rauch has been pretty solid lately with a 1.23 ERA over 7 innings in the last month. He still isn't getting strike outs which worries me but for now he has seems OK.

Finally Bobby Parnell is not as bad as you think he is. Watching Parnell has generally been painful this season but stats are those of a pretty good reliever. He has a 3.07/3.04 ERA/xFIP. Here is the painful part his save to blown save ratio? 4:5. Ouch.

The bottom line? The Mets bullpen remains one of the worst in baseball but they are getting better, I predict a continued upswing and a dominant August. Here's to high hopes.

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