Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Mets are quitters

The Mets just dropped a four game series to the Rockies, arguably the second worst team in baseball. I am sorry faithful readers I have no jokes or stats to offer you today just a deep abiding frustration that can only be felt by Mets fan. The Rockies have been an absolute joke this year but took a relatively easy four game sweep over us. Frankly I think it is obvious at this point that the Mets have quit this season. I am not saying they like losing and that they don't probably feel bad now but they clearly are not putting in the effort required to win games. Sometimes teams get beat, but poor fielding, bad base running, defensive mistakes and mental blunders are all a sign of a team who no longer gives a shit.

The worst part of all this? Coming into this series the Mets were not even out of it. Last year the Cardinals were 10 games out of the wild card in late August and went on to win to the World Series. The Mets were certainly a long shot but we have been about 9 games out of the WC for weeks now. It is not unrealistic to start getting hot and hope you catch a few breaks, but alas not the Mets. It was the same thing last year, we were back in August but not insurmountably so and instead of fighting to stay in the game, we just gave up.

Talent wins games but in addition to talent is the desire to win. People who know basketball will tell you that the number one reason players like MJ and Bird were so good is that they absolutely fucking despised losing. They were psychopaths about it, nothing in life mattered to more to these guys than winning, it was an obsession. Can you say that about the Mets? Do you think a team could go 0-15 with runners in scoring position today if each player came to bat and wanted to get a hit more than anything else in the world and was gonna fight tooth and nail to get one? After the game TC informed us that Dan Murphy was getting a few days rest because he is tired, "he's gassed" said Terry. Is he serious? You're team is imploding and you need to relax for a few days. I can't believe I am saying this but can you imagine a Yankee doing this? When was the last time you heard Robbie was getting a few days to rest because he was real tired. The desire to play through fatigue, the desire to win at all costs is what separates winners from losers, the Mets, are losers.

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