Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bullpen Blues.

There is no stat, no metric, no number I can find to measure my dislike and utter disappointment with the Mets bullpen, so I invented one. I call it the Schoenweis/Heilman Replacement Level. Remeber in 2007 and 2008 every single time either one of these two got into a game, you just knew the game was over? You just gave up all hope. While I have finally found a bullpen that I have less hope in. They have crossed the level where if I was given the option I would replace them with the 2007-2008 era Schoenweis and Heilman.That's how bad they are.

The worst part of it all? How completely and utterly predictable all this was. Each and every one of these guys is playing exactly at the level any average predictor would indicate they should be playing. Our big off season move to bolster the bull pen was signing Frank Frank and Rauch, two guys who have a track record for not being great relievers. Frankly sometimes I question the Mets commitment to winning. As any Met fan does, I hate the Yankees. But one thing I have grown to respect is their expectation for excellence. Every season they don't win a World Series is a failure to them. Right now the Mets are imploding around us like a Gotham City football field and what do we hear in return? Huston Street and K-Rod are to pricey, Miguel Batista is starting Saturday, we might be able to sign Ramon Hernandez. Look I am not saying we need to go back to the Minaya days and just throw money and long contracts at the problem but there has to be a middle ground? Something that is both fiscally responsible but also gives us a real shot at playing post season baseball. I want some Yankee mentality. If this season falls apart, it's a failure. It's not a rebuilding year, I won't take solace in individual performances or a good first half. Either we win or we fail.

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  1. Parnell had his first REAL bigsave chance yesterday, and he blew it. Yes he was unlucky in that he gave up what should have been a game-ending DP ball if WAS hadn't hit-and-run, but it seems like Parnell is just prone to these squibblers/squeakers/bloopers/well-placed hits.
    I don't know if his fastball is just that straight or easy to hit, but you kinda had the feeling yesterday that when he was going to throw a fastball, it was probably going to find a hole. Maybe it's the fact that the Mets haven't had a REAL closer to mentor him. If he blows another game this next week, his chance closing for the Mets could be over, for good.

    Oh yea. The Strikezone was terrible AGAIN for the second game in a row. Should have been 4-1 heading to the bottom of the 9th instead of 3-2.