Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Mets Prospectus

The Dark Night Rises comes out tonight and frankly I could not be more excited. This is totally unrelated to the Mets but I am just really excited for it. If you told me I could only see one thing today and my choices were a Dickey no no and The Dark Knight Rises, I would choose Batman. When I started writing this I vowed not to start writing a douchey "how the Mets are like Batman" paragraph but I do need to point up, that Dickey is kind of like Batman. While they are both technically proficient their true value lies in serving as a symbol and an inspiration for others, Batman for Gotham City victims of crime and hopelessness and Dickey for Mets fans victims of poor bullpens and well, hopelessness.

On the best player in baseball race news David Wright is tied for first with Mike Trout and late arrival to the race Andrew McCutchen all with a 5.3 fWAR. The injured Joey Votto is out of the running and Carlos Ruiz is close on the heels with 4.9.The once great Josh Hamilton has fallen to a tie for 9th.

Last month we examined where Dickey was in the triple crown categories, let's get an update. Assuming the Mets pen doesn't blow a 5 run lead right now Dickey leads the NL with 13 wins. He is tied for sixth lowest ERA with Strasburg at 2.66, this is pretty far off but the pack is pretty close together and a few good starts could easily put him back up. On the K side he is tied for third with Gio and only 7 K's behind Strasburg. All in all the Dickster is staying contention.

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