Thursday, July 26, 2012

Live blogging the first Harvey start

9:26- Here we go kids the first start of Mets top prospect Matt Harvey, I remember watching the draft when we signed him and being a big fan of his stache. A stache is such a bold move now a days, you have to respect anyone who wears one earnestly.

9:27- Ojeda was asked to describe his first start in the bigs and he promptly told us what he ate for lunch that day, dynamite story Bobby.

9:29- The Mets are going off at +170 for the Harvey start, I made the bet. C'mon Harvey, win me 17 bucks.

9:30- Remember on Batman the animated series when Harvey Dent had an split personality and one was called "Big Bad Harv"? Maybe that can be Harvey's new nickname. Harv is a super creepy name shortening.

9:31- They are really pushing the Harvey-Rob Johnson bromance angle.

9:39- We are in the midst of an unreasonably long commercial break.

9:40- Jason Bay is starting, sweet.

9:41- Wade Miley kind of looks like Lucas Duda

9:43- Gary and Keith are talking about the right temperature to walk 5 miles in, seriously, this is what they are discussing. I'm not complaining, just saying.

9:44- Murph is incapable of not getting base hits.

9:48- Scotty! Big two run double, some run support should give Harvey confidence.

9:51- Shocking news, Jason Bay grounds out to and ending. Good news, here comes Big Bad Harv!

9:54- Harvey coming in with a 3.54 ERA, 9.16 k/9.

9:55- Matt Harvey's first pitch in the show is a strike.

9:56- Matt Harvey with a nice K against his first MLB hitter.

9:57- Harvey looks frightened up there but is dealing with it well. He's a gamer.

9:58- Jason Kubel gets the first hit off Matt Harvey, some day he is going to be famous for that.

10:00- Matt Harvey is out of the first inning with 2 strike outs and one weak hit allowed.

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