Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Deadline Day

I feel good. I feel so good. The Phillies are over. 5 years of dominance, mockery and pain have ended. I am sitting at my office desk right now and I feel like Han flying the Millennium Falcon away from the exploding Death Star because the Sillies have officially given up on baseball. It was a tough five years especially since I lived a few them in Philadelphia.  But now with the trading of 2/3 of the their outfield, both of them past all stars and the all but impending departure of Cliff Lee we can declare the era of the Phillies dynasty over.

On the Mets end, a whole of nothing is happening. I continued to be annoyed by this, the Mets should have made some moves two weeks ago when we were closer in contention. Even now we are only 8.5 games, a tall order but still doable. Yet we make no moves to fix the bullpen or add a catcher or do anything that might help us win now. Fine, I disagree with the strategy but I get it. So considering you are punting this season, I can naturally assume we are making some moves to help us next season or down the line, right? Wrong, of course. There is a lot of chatter about trading Hairston right now and the Mets seem against it, saying they are not getting offered enough. Isn't anything worth it at this point? Why not take a low A gamble prospect for Hairston? If you don't care about winning now and we can all agree Hairston is not a long term piece of Mets success. The Mets front office continue to baffle me.

I like Sandy Alderson well enough and I won't say I miss Minaya but there was something comforting about the Omar years. Knowing that whatever hole your team had would get filled with whatever top talent was available. It's like parent's who spoil there kids, in the long term it's bad for them but at the time, damn it feels good to get that shiny new K-Rod.


  1. I hope the fillies keep Lee and have to pay him $25 million a year well into his late 30's.

    1. Don't forget about Howard either :)
      I knew they would regret those deals, didn't think it would come this year though ;)