Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bobby V to the Red Sox

Stamford's favorite son, inventor of the wrap, Ralp Branca's son-in-law, master of disguise and my favorite Mets manager of all time, Bobby Valentine will coach the Boston Red Sox.

Man do I love Bobby V.  I like Terry Collins just fine but I would much rather have an outgoing, opinionated manager like Valentine, its great to watch plus a fiery manager might be the kind of kick this team needs. After Steve Philips was out I was hoping they would immediately bring him back. After Willie was fired I thought he might come back and after Manuel was fired I was sure they would bring Bobby V home. Alas they never did and now the Sox have him.  Just as he once returned to the Chiba Lotte Marines after a long absence, I remain hopeful that one day he will return to the Mets.

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