Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Braun V. The Mets

Ryan Braun is the NL MVP (but still NOT the NL batting champion) and today we will look at how he did against the Mets, as might be expected the answer is : really really good. He pretty much owned the Mets, which makes Reyes beating him out a little bit sweeter. The below tables shows how the Mets compared to Braun's overall average:

Braun Stats

The Mets faced Braun in 6 games (going 2-4) and 21 AB. During that time he outperformed all of his already impressive stats. He racked up 8 hits (including 2 doubles and a homer), drew 3 walks and struck out 3 times. He recorded a completely deplorable over 1 OPS against Mets pitchers. I am sure their will be a debate about who should have been MVP between Matt Kemp and Braun, if they factor in who played better against the Mets, Braun is the easy winner (you can see the Mets v. Kemp comparison here).

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