Monday, November 28, 2011

Mr. Replaceable

As I often admit on this blog, I am a Mets homer. I tend to think the Mets are in contention long after they aren't, I make bold claims about Met's players that never come true and most of all I get hyped up about not so great players who have flashes of brilliance. In 2010 it was Rod Barajas, the Lord Rod himself. This year it was Willie Harris, here is what I wrote about sweet willy in a blog post after the first series with The Marlins:

             Willie Harris is this seasons Rod Barajas: Yes I know he has only played three games but in  those games he broke up the Josh Johnson no no, hit a clutch double in extra innings and knocked a home run in Sundays score fest. Much like the beloved Rod, Willie could be the throw away signing whose early month success gets us through the doldrums of injury recoveries and the slow starts of some of our stars. Much like how R.A Dickey regained his baseball prowess through a wilderness vision quest, Willie sought the guidance of a sports psychologist in the off-season.

Man did I have high hopes for Willie Harris and man did he dash them. I decided today to see who had the worst WAR on the team of qualifying players and who was it? Why Mr. Replaceable himself, Willie Harris. Willie played 126 games in which he batted .246 and posted a hilariously low .668 OPS. He did all this with a .320 BABIP, the baseline for BABIP is .300 which means that Willie with his lucky bat still hit .246. Willie's WAR was a team low of -.3, that means that a triple A player you have never heard of who is average in every way would be worth .3 wins more than Willy Harris. Willie, you are Mr. Replaceable.

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