Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MLB Twitter needs to learn what "breaking" means and other ephemera

The Mets are keeping it pretty quiet these days, with the biggest Mets new of the week that we didn't sign Jonathan Broxton and that Jose Reyes took a trip to Philadelphia that had nothing to do with baseball or signing with the Phillies, seriously, this actually got reported. I don't know how many of you follow the MLB twitter feed, but it's pretty annoying. For instance today, this "breaking" news got reported.

5th place team signs outfielder who hit .240 last year. I mean, I suppose this is "breaking" in the context that it just happened, but it's just about the least interesting news I could possibly imagine. This one just makes me mad:

I can only imagine that a supervisor ran into the MLB social media office and screamed "Quick! I need a Gio Gonzalez pun in the next ten seconds or Bud Selig will lock me in his basement again!" and they ended up with this.

The other big news of the day is that HOF ballots came out. Like most baseball fans I think the Hall of Fame selection process is stupid but secretly hope my favorite players get in so we can receive the sweet sweet validation we desire for years of talking up our favorite players. Nothing too exciting here except for the inclusion of Minnie MiƱoso on the Golden Age ballot, Minnie played over 5 decades in the MLB, 40's through 80's (although with retirements and stints in other leauges in between) and was nicknamed "El Charro Negro", The Black Cowboy while playing in the Mexican Leagues. Minnie should get in on bad assery alone.

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