Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mets asked Dickey not to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

I am sure you have heard about this by now but the Mets asked Dickey not to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. On one level I totally understand this, Dickey is the best pitcher on the Mets rotation right now and one of the few that can be counted on to stay healthy. If Dickey get hurts climbing a mountain in Africa, they lose 200 quality innings. That being said this is a bad idea and just makes the team look bad.

Dickey is a fan favorite and one of the only exciting players to watch going into this season. He is going on a highly publicized adventure that is also benefiting a great cause. Their is no way to tell him he can't go and come off looking good. Secondly the way in which they informed him of their desire was pretty dickish. According to the NY Post article linked above:

"the Mets sent a letter to Dickey’s agent warning him that they reserve the right to void the remaining year on his contract if he is injured on the mountain"

Which basically means if you get hurt raising money to stop human trafficking you're on your own. For a team that needs to build all the confidence and goodwill it can, this is a bad idea. The Mets should be promoting Dickey's climb as much as they can, it's probably the most inspiring and exciting that happening in the Mets organization in the off-season.

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