Friday, December 30, 2011

My 50th Post

This is the 50th post for Metsrospectus. That may not seem like much to many folks but for me it certainly was an effort. I would like to take this time to point any new readers to some popular sections of the blog.

First and foremost: The Dickey Report, this is a report I wrote right before the blog launched that detailed where in every MLB rotation R.A. Dickey would pitch.

The Mets v. 2011 Award Winners: This is a section that contains a few reports that detail how the Mets did against each of the 2011 award winner. Wondering how the Mets hit against Verlander or how the Mets pitchers took on Ryan Braun? Check out this section.

Citi Field Dimensions Analyses: I am a big believer that the new smaller dimensions of Citi Field won't make much of a difference. To prove it, I have done a few thought experiments that I think help prove my beliefs.

Most of all in my 50th post I want to thank Matt Cerrone and Metsblog. They linked to The Dickey Report a few weeks ago and lead to by the far the largest readership day my blog has ever seen. For anyone out there reading, thanks you for checking me out and here's to fifty more.

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